Bridgeway Pro-Barriers are made of galvanised weld mesh manufactured to

european standards in facilities that are certified ISO 9001, guaranteeing  a

product with a long life. Each barrier is then lined with a heavy duty non-woven

geotextile that is specially manufactured with a high UV resistance to produce

a product with long life. This textile has been tested to withstand the toughest of 

environmental conditions. Bridgeway Pro-Barrier has been tested for durability,

stack  ability and blast attack. It has passed the PAS 68 N3 impact collision test,

equivalent to the K12 US standard. Also it has passed assessment by QinetiQ UK

relating to the STANAG 2280 Nation clasification standards.


The Bridgeway Pro-barriers come in a range of different sizes. From the

Pro-Barrier 1 to the Pro-Barrier 4. They come in different colours: white,

beige and green to suit the environment where they will be deployed.

Units can also be made to clients own specifications.


They can be shipped directly to the required location flat packed on a pallet.

The units are pre-assembled. You will only require limited manpower to

construct the units, and using an excavator or wheeled loader to fill units with

local material.


Units 1, 2 and 3 are made from a 4mm zinc-alu weld mesh. The coils and

joining pins are made form a high tensile galvanised wire. These components

are manufactured in facilities certified to ISO 9001 . Unit 4 is made from a 

5mm zinc-alu weld mesh. All are lined with a heavy duty non woven polypropylene 

with a high UV resistance for long life in the harshest of environments.