In today’s product society new innovative products that come to the market habitually come about through an evolutionary process. The product gradually starts to fit into its space of purpose. If it is of superior design to anything else that is currently been used in the market place then with time it suppresses the more conventional options through customers eventually adapting to a new concept.

With regard to field Defence Fortification Structures, since World War II, the Hessian (burlap) conventional sandbag was predominately the choice of product for Military Organisations around the world to afford static field protection to military personnel. At the beginning of the first Gulf War on the 2nd August 1990, codenamed “Operation Desert Shield”, a new means of providing static protection to troops ‘in the field’ was the introduction of the relatively new CONCERTAINER BARRIER. This encompassed a wire mesh concertina design lined with a non-woven geo-textile. Such a product was first designed at the end of the 1980s for flood control. The ‘newly designed’ Concertainer Barriers became more of a revolutionary product than an evolutionary product as it became the most sought after product for Blast Wall Protection for Military organisations across the globe. Virtually an overnight success, to this day the wire mesh concertainer remains the most preferential option for field fortifications due to its speed of deployment, simplicity, and ability to protect the relevant personnel in emergency situations in a timely fashion. Hence the CONCERTAINER BARRIER was born and here to stay.

Since the start of the first Gulf War the wire mesh concertainer barrier has been used in virtually every major conflict zone saving countless lives and mission critical assets. When filled with sand it could stop all small arms projectiles and shell fragments through the provision of a 600mm sand barrier wall, protection from VBIEDs through providing a 1.2m wall, and for the protection from more shaped charge weapons such as RPG’s a 1.5m filled concertainer barrier would provide protection. There is no comparison as to how effective the concertainer barrier is as a choice of force protection wall as against the older conventional hessian sandbag blast wall option. CONCERTAINERS could be erected in a fraction of the time and its wire mesh façade on the outside of the robust geo-textile fabric gives it the utmost strength and integrity when it comes under heavy indirect fire attack. It was extremely difficult to displace compared to lightweight sandbags with no wire mesh surround.

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