Bridgeway Pro Barriers have been tested by leading specialists in impact

collision and ballistic testing.


Mira Ltd is a leading specialist in impact collision testing. The Bridgeway

Pro-Barrier 01 was tested in accordance with PAS 68:N3:2010. Where an

18 ton truck travelling at 80km per hour came to an instant stop on impact

with the Bridgeway Pro-Barrier 01. It was assessed to have classification

A-foundation/passive/wall and has passed all the PAS 68 N:3 2010 standards.


All Bridgeways geotextile is UV tested and certified to all necessary standards.

QinetiQ UK have more than 25 years experience of design, test and

assessment of various force protection and fortification structures for

a variety of threat levels. Based on this experience QinetiQ has conducted

an assessment of the Bridgeway single cell Pro-Barrier product against

STANAG 2280.


Test also carried out in Europe's second largest gun range to

STANAG 2280 standards.

-Heavy Machine Gun: 12.7-14.5mm AP

-Anti Personnel

-155mm Artillery 

-122mm Rocket

-Body-Borne Devices


These standards are for a single cell Pro-Barrier. When the units are placed

side by side it creates even greater protection.